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So like I said in the last post, we moved back to the US from Rwanda, and drove across country to Des Moines to flip a house! It has been great to be back in America.

Our Des Moines Flip house was the sweetest little thing in a very walkable historic district in the city, with a nice big back yard for the pup. We lived in the house during the renovation process, which was pretty tricky! And as far as the designing? I'm normally used to customizing every detail in home design specifically for my client, but I am realizing I'm not so used to designing so broadly for an unknown future homeowner.

We were able to redo our kitchen as the first major interior renovation. We hustled to find a plumber and an electrician to work with, and we installed the cabinets ourselves. (Not recommended for your own sanity.)

We interchanged playing the role of 'Anal Cabinet Supervisor' each day. One of us saying, "Oh that's good enough!" Then the other saying, "Well the bubble isn't exactly in the middle, we have to start over!"

Take a look at where we're at now! It's definitely not finished so use your imagination a little. We still need to fix the ceilings, floors, add fillers, a toe kick and crown molding, and of course add the backsplash. But I mean.... :):):)

A functioning kitchen, Yay!!

Speaking of the backsplash, we had a pivot in tile, now going with a smaller pattern that feels more appropriate, however still vibes the french cafe feel I wanted. It's also easier to install.

The left is the tile I wanted to go with, but the pattern was too large and didn't line up straight in the confines of a small backsplash. It's more meant for a floor. So I am now going with the one on the right... It is delicate, simple, and classic.

Also, keep in mind that I am still doing E-Design no matter where you are in the world! Thanks for following along!



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