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The House From the Outside

As you can see, the listing in the wintertime did a great job of hiding the driveway and how bad it really was. The whole home renovation happened from March - November of 2021, but we started with the driveway. This is what it really looked like.

Actually, you can see I removed the green shades right away, before the driveway even. :)

We got it entirely dug up, laid a very nice new white concrete driveway, and added the wood fencing instead of the chainlink in the backyard.

Patrick then put a LOT of love into the grass. Like a lot. We cleaned up the siding, changed the numbers, and opened the screens from the porch. And here she is! Daytime and nighttime.

Such a cutie!! This style of house is called an airplane bungalow because the upper floor you see is just one single room that has 360 degree views! There were 3 houses built similarly in our neighborhood. This was such a charming little house built in 1918. It was really hard, but seeing the final product again is so nice, knowing we brought some life back into this place. Here's the listing in case you're curious!

If you'd like help with your home, I am available locally in Charleston, SC now, or through E-Design anywhere!

Thank you so much for your continued support. Thank you for choosing NAFASI!!!



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