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( NUH - FAH - SEE )

It's energy and play. It's repetition and layering. It's function and fun and comfort and thought. NAFASI is creative design concepts put together by Teri Clar, all in your home, on your budget, and with your style. Teri has innovative ideas and will lead you past your comfort zone with confidence and perspective. You know when you walk into your favorite spot and the vibe just changes your mood to happy? That's the inspiration for every interior designed by Teri. 


I really love pattern  and  color...

...and funky,

beach bummy,


exposed brick,










makes you want to never leave your place kind of design...

What does that mean? Well, my style adapts and is always developing, but my one rule is that you must fall in love with every single little thing you put in your space. That way even your misplaced mugs, blankets, candles, scarves, books- all fit. It must be Your Home.


- I have lived all over the globe, and I move NAFASI with me as I go. This is why you'll see projects in my portfolio from Washington DC to Rwanda! I am currently settled in Charleston, SC with my husband and baby boy, where I design locally for clients. I am also taking on E-Design for virtual clients anywhere in the world!

My timeline is a bit confusing, so I'll lay it all out there...


In 2013 I started NAFASI in Arlington, VA while living here, and later redesigned the whole apartment with my husband to look like this.


In 2017 we moved here in rural East Africa. (Make sure to look at the Before and Afters at the bottom of the page!)


After 1 year, we decided we were ready for the city life in Rwanda. We fully renovated our new house here and our vacation rental in the backyard. I also opened a boutique design retail shop, The Design Bar!

We quickly moved back to the US in 2021 with the pandemic and landed in Des Moines while flipping our house for the year.

By November 2021, we had chosen Charleston to call home for our family. We have been renovating of course, which you can follow along on social media until we're all done! I'm so excited to work on new projects with my clients, both local and virtual. No matter where you live, the space you live in is all yours. You should make it feel right. Please reach out to get started. 

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