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January, 2024, and Year 11 for NAFASI!

I can't believe it has been this long. Eleven is my favorite number, so let's note it here on the blog. NAFASI and I have been moving business all over... Starting in the DC area, then moving to Rwanda in East Africa, then Des Moines, Iowa for a house flip, and now in Charleston, SC. If you want to see a more detailed timeline of where and why, it's all laid out on my ABOUT page. Each new location is like starting over with the business, so I'm hoping we stay here in Charleston for a little bit now!

Christmas in Charleston 2021

We moved in, and hustled to renovate as much as we could, starting with the most dreamy and magical nursery in the history of nurseries for our boy on the way.

I still haven't shot these properly, but that's on the goals of 2024 list!

Life here has been sweet. It has been a time for NAFASI to settle into one location, and have our clients be the ones all over the map! I'd like to take this moment to look back and give a shout out to some of my favorite E-Design projects all over the world!

(Photo cred goes to all of my lovely clients, thank you!)

A living room and kitchen in Atlanta, GA:

A contemporary living room in Frankfurt, Germany:

A cozy living room in Lincroft, NJ:

A basement pub and wine tasting room in Rochester, NY:

A loft guest room / home-office-in-one:

A long awaited living room and dining room in Denver, CO:

An awkward narrow room turned dining room/double office in Arlington, VA:

A vibrant living room and dining room in Kigali, Rwanda:

A coastal yellow kitchen in Modena, Italy:

An almost-finished dental office waiting room in Fairfax, VA:

A screened-in porch dining and living room in Arlington, VA:

As well as an earthy living room and dining room in Atlanta, GA,

A basement home office consultation in Des Moines, IA,

An expat living room in Abidjan, Ivory Coast,

An apartment primary bedroom in Silver Spring, MD,

A living room consultation in Newburyport, MA,

And a bright and colorful kitchen in Madison, WI!

Whew, What fun! I love that span of design across the globe. If you could see yourself too on next year's list, it's easy! You can hire NAFASI from anywhere for a flat fee and get a design plan with the exact items to purchase, within your set budget, and using NAFASI designer discounts to boot! It really makes the process so simple, affordable, and fun instead of overwhelming. If you're ever considering E-Design yourself, click below to fill out the form and queue up!

Thanks to all of the support as always. Happy New Year, and come say hi if you find yourself in Charleston!



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